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Mushrooms Biochar Native plant Research

Author: Dr. Franscois

To date, food security is considered a big challenge for human population. With this regard, mushroom cultivation could be one of the alternative ways to cope with food shortage. Mushrooms play significant role for the ecosystem, environment, and human health. Considering the function play by mushrooms in the ecosystem, these latter are involved in the nutrients cycling, and they help plant up tak...

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Unveiling the Importance of Diastase Activity Analysis in Assessing Honey Quality

Author: Sachin Ashok Porob

Introduction: Honey, often referred to as "liquid gold," has been cherished for centuries for its nutritional, medicinal, and culinary properties. However, not all honey is created equal. The quality of honey can vary significantly based on factors such as floral source, processing methods, and environmental conditions. To ensure consumers receive high-quality honey, various parameters are ana...

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Exploring Honeybee Diversity: Spotlight on the Jemnitica Breed and Conservation Efforts in the UAE

Author: Khawla Mohammed Alyammahi

Honeybees, with their intricate societies and vital role in pollination, are among the most fascinating creatures on our planet. In this blog, we delve into the diverse world of honeybee types, with a special focus on the Jemnitica breed, particularly within the context of the Arabian Gulf and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Additionally, we will explore the conservation efforts led by the Fujaira...

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Can AI Help Environmental Sustainability? Exploring the Green Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Author: Engr. Simon Zerisenay

Introduction: In an era where environmental concerns are more pressing than ever, the question arises: can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be a key player in promoting environmental sustainability? This blog delves into how AI, a tool often associated with technological advancement, can be a formidable ally in our quest to protect and preserve our planet. AI and Environmental Challenge...

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Fujairah Whale and Dolphin project

Author: Maryam Alhefeiti

Dolphins, famous for their intelligence and social behavior, have long captured the curiosity of scientists and nature lovers alike. Realizing the need to conduct comprehensive research on these captivating marine mammals, a project to study whales and dolphins has been underway in the Emirate of Fujairah since 2017. The project aims to acquire basic information, such as the diversity and beha...

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