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Biotechnology & Sustainable Technology

Author: Ms. Ragad Alblooshi

Clean technology focuses on minimizing the production of industrial pollutants by adopting various strategies. One approach is the prevention option, which involves the elimination or reduction of pollution at its source, rather than merely transferring or managing pollutants in another location. This method aims to address the root cause of pollution, emphasizing proactive measures during the pro...

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FRC laboratories: One of the main lab CHARACTERIZATION LAB-Food and pesticide testing

Author: Engr. Deepak Kumar

Fujairah research center is a multidisciplinary center to empower the innovation and sustainability in terms of facilitating research, testing and development through it’s center of excellence in Emirates of Fujairah, UAE. The facility has different laboratories Characterization, Environment, Microbiology, Veterinary and Marine which are equipped with high end instruments supporting to research, t...

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Harnessing Satellite Imagery and Deep Learning for Advanced Vegetation Mapping

Author: Engr. Simon Zerisenay Ghebremeskel

In the realm of environmental monitoring and management, the integration of satellite imagery with deep learning techniques has brought about a revolutionary approach to vegetation mapping. This method, combining the comprehensive perspective of satellites and the analytical prowess of artificial intelligence, is pivotal for various sectors including agriculture, urban planning, and environmental...

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Comparison of E-accessibility levels between three different systems (iOS, android, and Microsoft) for disabled people

Author: Ms. Taima Sarhan

In today's digital age, smartphones have become essential tools for communication, information, and entertainment. But not every user has the same experience with the digital world. The degree of accessibility provided by mobile operating systems can have a big influence on the day-to-day activities of those with impairments. To determine which of the three major platforms—iOS, Android, and Micros...

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Findings on Factors Enhancing the Signal of Carbendazim in HPLC

Author: Ms. Mahrah Aldhanhani

This comprehensive report delves deeply into the intricate analysis of carbendazim (CRD), a commonly occurring benzimidazole compound found in a myriad of foods, ranging from milk to meat. The primary focus is to underscore the potential long-term toxicity of CRD to human health, necessitating a concerted effort in recognizing and managing its presence effectively. In light of this, various techni...

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