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FRC laboratories: One of the main lab CHARACTERIZATION LAB-Food and pesticide testing

Fujairah research center is a multidisciplinary center to empower the innovation and sustainability in terms of facilitating research, testing and development through it’s center of excellence in Emirates of Fujairah, UAE. The facility has different laboratories Characterization, Environment, Microbiology, Veterinary and Marine which are equipped with high end instruments supporting to research, testing and various projects across UAE. One of the important lab equipped with high end instruments. 1) LCMSMS 2) GCMSMS 3) GC 4) HPLC 5) ICPMS 6) FTNIR 7) IC. It has very important role in terms of testing and services when it needs confirmations, qualitative, quantitative study and testing of the compounds. On top of supporting all other labs with these capabilities. The LCMSMS and GCMSMS are used for separation, identification, and quantification of both unknown and known compounds as well as to elucidate the structure and chemical properties of different molecules. Capable for analysis of drug substances, drug products and biological samples. These instruments will be used in drug development at many different stages including Metabolic Stability Screening, Metabolite Identification as well as Drug Screening, Impurity Identification and routine analysis in many areas clinical and forensic toxicology as well as doping control. Lab is equipped with ICP-MS and IC systems capable of detecting metals at very low concentrations and detection of toxic elements in food & beverages as well. These instruments will be facilitating the sample testing in various application fields as environmental, Food, Pharma, Battery technology, sustainable fuel and petrochemicals. Farmers around the world using pesticides to stop rodents, insects, and other insects from eating or destroying their crops. However, since they use the chemical compounds are harmful to pests, it is essential to ensure that pesticides aren't causing harmful effects that can harm insects, humans, or other parts of nature. Farmers want to cultivate the most productive crop, and the producers are looking to make the most excellent product. When it concerns food, it is our goal to make sure that consumers get the highest quality food accessible to them. As per regulations it is very much important to maintain the minimum level of pesticides to protect the lives. And to detect the pesticides level in food items these instruments in our labs are very much capable to do this. It is very much important to ensure the food contents do not contain the harmful substances hence food, feed, supplements and beverage products require rigorous testing to determine their nutritional contents. The common parameters may be 1) Contaminant Analysis (Pesticides, Antibiotics/Vet drug, Harmone, PCB and Dioxins, Metals, Mycotoxins). 2) Artificial color and sweeteners 3) Added sugar. 4) Amino Acids 5) Microbiological Analysis 6) Preservatives 7) Nutritional values Food safety must always be taken into consideration. Food manufacturers need to be aware of the safety of their products. This is done to protect customers and potential consumers. Manufacturers can learn from food poisoning cases to improve their product's. This is because, in cases of food poisoning, there would be a temporary closure of shops or a recall of products from the market. There are many causes of food poisoning. Food poisoning can be caused by pathogenic bacteria, heavy metal contamination, or chemical contamination. Valid laboratory testing should be done on food products at least once a month. This is necessary to ensure that food safety procedures are completed. There are advantages with having an accredited laboratory doing research, sampling and/or testing. This gives the assurance that the laboratory is competent, and that information and data reported are objective. Laboratory Testing is an important process that relies on scientific analysis in order to identify food product problems. This provides data about the quality of the product or the production process in order to support quality control. We at FRC assist the researchers, projects and testing samples to its different labs. Due to having technical team with years of experience. We assure of serving the right results that can actually let you facilitate to your business growth. Also reach out to us by visiting FRC official website.